Engineering & Zoning

Norm Etling, Village Engineer

Engineering Division

  • Reviews all infrastructure improvements within the Village,
  • Reviews, inspects and administers development matters,
  • Oversees Capital Improvement Construction and Public Works Projects,
  • Administers contracts with consulting engineering companies,
  • Administers the Village Motor Fuel Tax Program,
  • Provides Engineering support to all other Village Departments,
  • Reviews all building, excavation, easement, pool and structure permit applications,
  • Inspects new building footings, foundations, framing and final occupancies,
  • Performs occupancy inspections on existing buildings,
  • Applies for grants as directed by the Village Board,
  • Prepares annexation plats and legal descriptions,
  • Responsible for Code enforcement,
  • Administers the Village annexation program,
  • Administers the Village Flood Plain Ordinance.

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You may contact the Engineering Department office at 618-632-1022, ext. 113.
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