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Changes are coming to our Police Department Administration. 


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Captain, Gary A McGill, Acting Chief

I was born in Peoria Illinois where I went to Concordia Lutheran Grade School and Richwoods High School. I travelled around the country in my late teens to my early 20’s and eventually settled in St. Louis, south city. I migrated to the Shiloh area. I went to Session 40 of the SWIC Police Academy beginning in January of 1988. I went on to attend college at SWIC and St. Louis University before receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety at Capella University, graduating Summa Cum Laude

I have dedicated myself to the residents of Shiloh Illinois since 1988. In the past I have served as Patrolman, Detective, Juvenile Officer, DARE Instructor, Patrol Supervisor, Evidence Control Officer, and Training Officer. I have also held instructor positions with the Illinois Department of Emergency Management for Emergency Response to Terrorism and Hazardous Materials, and with the U.S. Department of Justice in the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) Program. This was complimented with training in Cyber-Terrorism, Chemical and Biological Incident Management, Hate Crimes, Religious Obsession and Fundamentalism and Advanced Interview and Interrogation.

I was appointed the Assistant Chief of the Shiloh Police department by unanimous vote of the city board in 2000 and placed over the Patrol, Detective, and Civilian divisions. I am currently attached to the Greater St. Louis Area Major Case Squad as a Certified Lead Homicide Detective and I am a Certified Public Information Officer with specializations in Interview Techniques, Homicide Investigation, Cyber stalking, Computer Crimes, Open Source Intelligence, and Officer Safety.

I am honored to serve the Schools, Churches, Businesses and Residents of the Village of Shiloh.


The Illinois Secretary of State has implemented changes to comply with the Department of Homeland Security REAL ID Requirements. Beginning in 2106, any person who receives a new Illinois Driver’s License will receive a temporary, paper DL which is good for 45 days while the permanent license is sent to you.

For more information on this process, you can click the link below and get the notification and flyer from the Office of Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

2016 Illinois DL Instructions




Neighborhood Watch


Shiloh Police and many of the Village’s residents have learned that the best protection for one’s home sometimes can lie in the caring eyes of neighbors. The Neighborhood Watch Program emphasizes just that! Several neighborhoods in Shiloh have organized themselves into designated “Neighborhood Watch Blocks”, keeping a careful eye on each others’ homes and properties. Look for Neighborhood Watch signs in your neighborhood, and get involved. Or, start your own neighborhood watch group with the help of our Police Department. The service is free; all you need to do is fill out the required form. This form can be obtained at the Shiloh Village Municipal Building.

Going to be away from you home? Download the Residential Security Check Form, and send it to the Shiloh Police Department via email, U.S. Postal service or in person. To get a neighborhood watch program in your area, contact our Community Crime Prevention Specialist at

Drivers Licensing Info

The Village of Shiloh has a diverse population with a large military presence that moves from state to state. For new residents moving into Illinois you should visit the Secretary of States Office for the most current Drivers License and Registration information.

Better Business Bureau

If you have any questions about suspicious contractors or companies visit the Better Business Bureau web site to see if the company is listed and if they have had any complaints filed against them.

Missing Children Info

With the Internet being such a large part of our lives now, parents have a responsibility to monitor their children’s Internet activity. For great information from Internet security to missing children visit The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The Internet has also been valuable in protecting your children by seeing the latest sex offender registrations. The State of Illinois has gone to great lengths to make sure this information is available to you at For more information on internet safety for your children visit

Bad Check Restitution Program

If you have received a personal check from someone and the check is returned due to Insufficient Funds, visit The St. Clair County States Attorney’s Office web site to see if the check will qualify for the Bad Check Restitution Program, let them reclaim your money for you, at no cost.

Shiloh’s Safety Tip

SELLING or BUYING on Craigslist or another similar site? Use the Police Department as a meeting place! Our lobby and the area just outside our front and back door is on camera and recorded 24 hours a day.


Shiloh Police Department is not accepting applications for Probationary Police Officer.

Contact us:

Fingerprinting Services

The Shiloh Police Department offers FREE employment fingerprinting service to Shiloh residents and Active Duty only military members that provide a fingerprint card from their employer, school, etc. We charge $5 if you do not bring your own fingerprint cards.

We offer inked fingerprinting to retired military and government contractors for a $10 fee. There is an additional charge of $5 if you do not have your own cards.

Active duty military for security clearance purposes must report to Building 861, Scott AFB. 618-256-1082


Fingerprints are in INK only, no electronic fingerprinting. All Live Scan Criminal History checks must be done through a private vendor.

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