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St. Clair County citizens have a fully operational 911 Emergency System that constantly monitors the area for all detectable natural disasters.

Village of Shiloh Storm Warning Sirens


The Village of Shiloh has four sirens strategically located at the Shiloh Municipal Building, Three Springs Park, Willmann Lane, and Rachels Way. Our alerting system is activated by Metro East Communication (MECOMM) at the O’Fallon Police Department. This system is designed to alert residents and visitors of potentially severe weather, including tornado warnings and severe storms with high winds.

Per MECOMM, only one tone is produced by the sirens. Their emergency alert system is activated when the following conditions are present:

Tornado Warning – A tornado has been visually confirmed and/or a tornado warning has been issued indicating that the Village of Shiloh is in the path of an approaching tornado, conditions of an approaching storm exist for the development of a tornado, or whenever any reported tornado sighting within the Village, or nearby community, is confirmed.

High Winds – When it has been confirmed that “Damaging Force” winds will be impacting the Village of Shiloh and/or the National Weather Service has issued a Severe Storm/High Wind Warning indicating damaging force winds. Damaging Force winds are those winds monitored with gusts at 58+ mph.

Activation of the “Emergency Alert System” may be authorized for the previously described public safety threats by any Public Safety employee upon receiving or observing conditions which he/she feels requires the public to be immediately notified of imminent danger. Upon activation of the “Emergency Alert System”, all public safety first responders are notified of the system activation as well as the nature of the threat via a radio/paging system.

The wide variety of variables involved in predicting the weather make it impossible to determine the exact set of conditions necessary for an alert; therefore, we will always error to the side of caution when making the decision to activate the system. That said, the Shiloh Police Department will endeavor to make the most judicious use of the system so that they do not create a climate of complacency.

House Numbers for Emergency Services

Village Ordinance requires that all buildings, residences and businesses, display numbers in lettering at least 3 inches in height. Numbers should be prominently displayed so as to be readily visible from the street. This requirement is necessary so emergency services, police, fire and ambulances can find and identify your property readily. If you have a corner lot you may want to consider displaying numbers so that they are visible on each street.

Occupancy Permit

An Occupancy Permit is required. If it is a new home, the builder may have paid for it and will schedule the inspections. If it is an existing home, an inspection can be scheduled by calling the Municipal Building. The fee is $50.00.

Ameren IP is the gas & electric service provider. Water is provided by Illinois American Water Company. Depending where the home is located, different agencies provide sanitary service. Phone service, cable service & trash pick up are the individual’s choice of private companies. For more information or to schedule an inspection call 618-632-1022 ext 4.

Fire Department

In addition to being serviced by the O’Fallon Fire Department, parts of Shiloh are also serviced by the East Side Fire Department in Shiloh. They are located at 1723 N Belt East and 3111 East B Street in Belleville.


The Village requires that all dogs, cats and exotic animals be registered with the County. Animals should have their rabies vaccination as applicable. For further information, contact St. Clair County Animal Control at 235-0585. If your pet is lost or stolen you should contact the Humane Society at 235-3712 in addition to the Village Animal Control Officer.

Please visit the Spencer Pet Rescue website

Pet owners are encouraged to be “Good Pet Neighbors” keep your animals on a leash and make sure it’s registered. The leash law is strictly enforced. There is an ordinance that prohibits pets in parks and cemeteries. Pet owners are required to clean up feces left by their pets on public streets as well as other peoples property. You are responsible for your pets.


You may park on both sides of the street in the direction of travel only unless otherwise posted. Parking is prohibited following a snowfall of two or more inches to allow the removal of snow by our street department. Cars parked on snow routes may be cited/or towed at the owners expense.


Residents under the age of eighteen may not be in public places, assemblies, street or highways after curfew hours, unless they are accompanied by a parent\legal guardian. The curfew is Sunday-Thursday from 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM; Friday-Saturday from 12:01 AM until 6:00 AM.

Parent Responsibility

Parents or legal guardians residing with a minor less than eighteen (18) years old will be held responsible for acts committed by the minor. The Village also enforces an ordinance holding parents and other adults responsible for the possession of alcohol and drugs by minors.


To keep our community safe the Village requires for-profit organizations to register to go door to door. You can obtain a Solicitor’s Permit ($25.00 a day) by applying at the Shiloh Municipal Building, 1 Park Drive. Click Here to download a copy of the application form

Permitted hours of visitation are between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Solicitors may not disturb any household displaying a “No Solicitors” sticker.

No soliciting permitted on Sunday or on a State or National holiday.


  • Shiloh residents with a 62221 zip code receive their mail from the Belleville Post Office.
  • Residents with a 62269 zip code receive their mail from the O’Fallon Post Office.
  • Residents with a 62226 zip code receive their mail from Swansea.
  • Residents with a 62225 zip code receive their mail from Scott Air Force Base.

Special Assistance & Complaints

If you have need of special assistance that is not available through our departments, or have a complaint regarding any Village service, contact the Village Clerk’s Office at 618-632-1022 ext. 110. The Village wants to work with you to solve the problems or answer questions as soon as possible.

Leaf Burning

It shall be unlawful except in an Non-Urban (NU) Zoning to:

a. Openly burn any debris or trash except for common yard waste (i.e. leaves, tree\scrub limbs, grass, etc.) and only that which is generated on the property on which it is being intentionally burnt.

b. Burning will be permitted between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between March 15th thru June 1st ; and from October 15th thru December 15th.

c. Burning on any public or utility easement is prohibited. (section added 05-04-98)

d. Burning that creates an excessive amount of smoke is prohibited.

Snow Removal

Click Here for more information.


St. Clair County recycling information – 618-233-7703

In addition, Whiteside School also accepts paper recycling – any “clean” paper except telephone books. They also have clothes/shoes recycling. Shiloh Elementary and Middle School both accept paper recycling.

Garbage & Refuse Collection

Republic Services is the exclusive trash hauler for the residents of Shiloh.
Village ordinance prohibits contracting with another hauler for trash service at your home.
Residents should call 618-656-6883 or 800-698-2341.
Republic Services Website 

Shiloh Municipal Building

#1 Park Drive
Shiloh, IL 62269
Phone: (618) 632-1022
Fax: (618) 632-8942

Office Hours

Monday - Friday:
7:00am - 3:00pm
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