I was born in Peoria Illinois where I went to Concordia Lutheran Grade School and Richwoods High School. I travelled around the country in my late teens to my early 20’s and eventually settled in St. Louis, south city. I migrated to the Shiloh area. I went to Session 40 of the SWIC Police Academy beginning in January of 1988. I went on to attend college at SWIC and St. Louis University before receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety at Capella University, graduating Summa Cum Laude

I have dedicated myself to the residents of Shiloh Illinois since 1988. In the past I have served as Patrolman, Detective, Juvenile Officer, DARE Instructor, Patrol Supervisor, Evidence Control Officer, and Training Officer. I have also held instructor positions with the Illinois Department of Emergency Management for Emergency Response to Terrorism and Hazardous Materials, and with the U.S. Department of Justice in the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) Program. This was complimented with training in Cyber-Terrorism, Chemical and Biological Incident Management, Hate Crimes, Religious Obsession and Fundamentalism and Advanced Interview and Interrogation.

I was appointed the Assistant Chief of the Shiloh Police department by unanimous vote of the city board in 2000 and placed over the Patrol, Detective, and Civilian divisions. I am currently attached to the Greater St. Louis Area Major Case Squad as a Certified Lead Homicide Detective and I am a Certified Public Information Officer with specializations in Interview Techniques, Homicide Investigation, Cyber stalking, Computer Crimes, Open Source Intelligence, and Officer Safety.

I am honored to serve the Schools, Churches, Businesses and Residents of the Village of Shiloh.