Online Reporting

Introductory Information/Disclaimer

The Shiloh Police Department welcomes information from our citizens and understands that we cannot accomplish our mission without cooperation from the public. It should be noted that online reporting is not monitored at all times and is only checked during normal business hours.  Please feel free to contact our dispatch at 618-624-4545 if you need an immediate response.  Please feel free to provide us with any information you wish to make us away of such as:

    • Crime tips—Report of information regarding any criminal activity, drug activity, witnessing a crime, witnessing a suspicious incident, an anonymous tip, etc.
    • Traffic complaint—Report situations where you observed traffic problems in a specific area. Examples include drivers speeding in residential areas or ignoring stop signs, etc.
    • Compliments on a job well done.
    • Services you would like to see us to offer or something that could be done better.

Shiloh Municipal Building

#1 Park Drive
Shiloh, IL 62269
Phone: (618) 632-1022
Fax: (618) 632-8942

Office Hours

Monday - Friday:
7:00am - 3:00pm
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