[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Director of Public Works.

(1)   Type of position. The Director of Public Works is a full-time/exempt position.

(2)   Summary of responsibilities.

(a)   The Director of Public Works manages and supervises the overall public works functions for the village. They oversee the operation, maintenance, and repair, and the like, of the village’s infrastructure system consisting of sewers, streets, sidewalks, parks, public facilities, vehicle fleet and equipment and all other related facilities and infrastructure.

(b)   Be a salaried department head position that reports to and is under the general direction of the Village Administrator and Mayor.

(3)   Functions include but are not limited to:

(a)   Directly supervise and be responsible for the day to day operations and performance of the Public Works Department.

(b)   Schedule his/her work day to coincide with the normal work schedule of the Public Works staff and shall work from the Maintenance Building. Be available to work extra time to address emergency situations as necessary.

(c)   Submit reports as needed on completed and planned department activities.

(d)   Order and schedule delivery of all materials and equipment necessary for the performance of Public Works activities.

(e)   Process all Public Works invoices for payment. Verify delivery and process staff time sheets for submission to the Village Administrator.

(f)   Manage and inspect contractor performance and compliance on maintenance contracts. Issue necessary corrective work orders.

(g)   Ensure park facilities are maintained and prepared for events including those scheduled by the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation District and village staff. Preparation shall include advanced planning and scheduling to ensure optimum field, park and building conditions.

(h)   Responsible for and work with staff on the village weed spraying and mosquito program.

(i)   Provide Village Administrator with recommendations and cost estimated for facility use, maintenance, and improvements.

(j)   Responsible for maintenance of all village streets, storm/sanitary sewers, park and recreation facilities, vehicle fleet, and the like.

(k)   Work closely with other department heads on all village matters.

(l)   Effectively communicate with federal and state regulatory agencies, consultants, developers, property owners and citizens.

(m)   Possess a valid driver’s license.

(n)   Perform other duties as required, including assistance to the other departments as time permits.

(4)   Skills, knowledge and abilities.

(a)   Comprehensive knowledge of public works practices.

(b)   Ability to interpret and apply the codes.

(c)   Ability to reason and use sound judgment in a manner consistent with department policies.

(d)   Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and tactfully in oral and written form.

(e)   Ability to assign, direct, and coordinate work of subordinate employees.

(f)   Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and work independently with others.

(g)   Ability to maintain productive working relationship with officials and co-workers.

(h)   Ability to use technology to be productive and efficient.

(5)   Education and experience. Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management or closely related field. Minimum of five years senior management, supervisory experience in public works in the public sector or in a field closely related to the public sector.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Shiloh Municipal Building

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